Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Loose Leaf Tea at Gourmet Fusion Store

The Gourmet Fusion store has recently introduced three types of loose leaf tea by Two Leaves and Bud, two green teas and one black tea. All have been available for some time in biodegradable sachets, 15 to a box, but are now available in these great eco-friendly tea cylinders. Great for gift giving, just in time for the holidays.

Jasmine Petal
Classic Chinese Green Tea dried with Jasmine Petals

The first is our most popular tea, the Jasmine Petal, in the lavender colored cylinder. This classic green tea is the most consumed in China, and is traditional which has been dried with jasmine petals. However, as many of my customers have commented, it produces a very light, subtle flavor, and the slight floral fragrance of jasmine, known to relax the nervous system, pairs well with Asian food. It is grown in the Fujian Province, where the teas exhibit a depth and complexity not found in lesser teas.

Orange Sencha
Organic Green Tea with Italian Orange

Our second green tea is Organic Sencha Green Tea, in the lively lime green cylinder.

This Japanese green tea blend has the flavor of Italian red oranges added, giving a slight tanginess to this Japanese classic. Sencha is the most consumed tea in Japan. This long leafed tea, finished in the sun, also includes sunflowers, orange peel, and just a hint of Italian red orange flavor to add just a hint of sweet and spicy to this classic green tea. This smooth tea, with slight citrus flavor, makes a great daytime tea to sip while you are at work, or studying.
Organic Breakfast Tea

Our third loose leaf tea in the crimson red cylinder is the classic Assam tea, often known as English Breakfast Tea.

This tea is produced in the oldest growing region of Assam in north east India that has low, rolling hills creating a great environment for rich tea. Assam is one of the most popular teas in England, and although this full bodied, deep gold tea is ideal for breakfast, it is still one of the most widely served teas for all day in England. This traditional, full leaf tea produces a rich multi-layered malty flavor.

All of our teas can be found at Gourmet Fusion in the Leaping Lotus store at 240 S. Cedros, Solana Beach, CA, together with a great selection of teapots, and of course, online.

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