Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Paella Pans at Gourmet Fusion Store

Our ever popular polished steel paella pans are back in the Gourmet Fusion store. We are stocking the slightly smaller 13" size, as this is the ideal fit for most domestic stove tops, so that your paella (or any other dish) heats through properly with no cold spots. This size serves up to 5 people.

Manufactured by Garcima, Spain's premier pan manufacturer, our polished steel pan is the traditional pan of Spain, and offers exceptional value at $19.99.

Paella Pan Care

Before first use boil several cups of water in the pan to remove the clear protective finish, and remove the label. Follow this by washing the pan by hand with mild soap and then dry with a soft dish towel. Finally, rub a small amount of oil on the pan prior to storage to prevent rust.

Additional Tips
  • Never store a pan wet or allow to air dry; dry it immediately.
  • Do not put your polished steel pan in the dishwasher.
  • Always oil a pan before storage to prevent rust.
  • Discoloration is normal (turning blue/black) and is an indication that your pan is seasoned properly.
  • If you pan does rust, simply clean off the rust with a scouring pad or light sandpaper, then re-oil.
Ideal for barbecues, beach parties and picnics, Gourmet Fusion Paella Pans can be found online, at our Solana Beach store in the Leaping Lotus, or at the San Diego Little Italy Mercato (Saturdays), and the La Jolla Open Aire Farmers Market (Sundays).

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