Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bomba Rice at Gourmet Fusion

We have now added authentic Bomba Rice from Valencia, Spain to our range of Spanish food products, great to use with our polished steel paella pans.

If you are not familiar with , it is a rice which has a very hard grain, thus allowing it to absorb more liquid (and flavor) than any other rice in the world. It is, therefore, an ideal choice when cooking paella, or saffron rice, where the rice is cooked in the broth and slowly absorbs the liquid as part of the recipe, rather than pouring the liquid away, as with boiled rice.

The beauty of bomba rice is that it is practically impossible to fail with this rice. It cannot be over-cooked, maintains its consistency, and never becomes sticky. Even though it absorbs more liquid than ordinary rice varieties, the grains remain separate and individually loose from one another. It has a wonderful mild flavor, that will not interfere with even the most subtle of flavors.

Bomba rice is expensive, but if you're looking to prepare an amazing paella, it is worth the extra cost. Gourmet Fusion has the smaller bag, 1.1lb (500g) in stock, as we thought it was a good size to try out the rice, without spending a huge amount. Our Bomba Rice is Certified Origin Paella Rice from the L'Albufera Nature Preserve in Valencia, Spain, and retails for $6.99. It can be found online or in our Solana Beach store at Leaping Lotus.

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