Sunday, October 28, 2007

Latest Deglingos at Gourmet Fusion

The new have arrived at the Gourmet Fusion store. Just as crazios and cuteos as the rest of the gang, but with their own unique little quirks!

First of all there is MoLos the Lobster, the tough guy - well, not really, he's made of wonderfully soft, plush corduroy, with a funky red spotted trim. Next of the new characters is Lapinos the Bunny, the sporty one in the band. With his bunny teeth and little bob-tail, a real cutie!

Then we have Milkos the Cow, often referred to as Mad Cow, and finally Chikos the Hen, the snobby one in the bunch. Chikos is the only one not suitable for all ages - he is only suitable from three years upwards. But the rest are OK for everyone.

All are available online, together with the rest of the Deglingos in the Gourmet Fusion Store, or at the Solana Beach store in Leaping Lotus. They make great for the coming holiday season!

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