Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gourmet Fusion at Leaping Lotus

Gourmet Fusion is excited about the opening of its new store at Leaping Lotus in Solana Beach's Design District on South Cedros.

If you haven't been to Leaping Lotus, it features many different merchants selling a wonderful array of products from all corners of the world which look great alongside our own international collection of kitchen and food products.

Gourmet Fusion will be selling all the favorites from its online store, such as our paella pan, its beautifully handcrafted ceramics from Spain, and our ever popular Union Jack mugs from England, but we have also included some new items and specialty food products in the Solana Beach location.

Our Spanish section includes creamy smooth milk and dark chocolate; olive oil pressed with rosemary or Seville oranges from Catalonia; the finest quality saffron, and three types of paprika to suit every taste.

In our Asian section you can find woks, rice and sushi makers, cooking utensils, and beautiful bamboo products, not to mention the many artisan crafted home decor items.

To our British section of teapots, mugs and English breakfast tea we have added delicious orange marmalade and lemon curd - yummy with toasted English muffins!

Of course, just for fun, the Deglingos, take pride of place at the front of the store, sitting mischievously below our Cattitude range of tea and coffee co-ordinates.

So next time you are in the San Diego area, be sure to stop by Gourmet Fusion store's new location at Leaping Lotus in Solana Beach and get a taste of something different.

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