Friday, August 24, 2007

Back To School Lunch Zipped With Style

Back to almost certainly means packing bags filled with books, papers, pencils and, of course, on-the-go snacks. These great little designer bags by Mobi from the Gourmet Fusion Store provide the answer to transporting all your goodies in a stylish and fun way.

The funky, bag shown here in Candy Camo Green can be used for kid’s snacks, candies, crayons, change, party favors and more. Great for back to school lunches, choose a different design for each day of the week, and liven up even the most boring packed lunch.

Other designs include Cupcake, which is great for birthday goodie bags, Polka Dots and Smiley Combo.

These fashionable, fun designer bags measure 6.5" x 6.25", and come in a box of 20 for $4.50.

Not just for kids, these quart-sized bags also comply with the FAA’s size regulations, making them perfect for organizing toiletries and cosmetics in carry-on luggage.

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