Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hostess Gifts for Cat Lovers

Every time I look in a cooking magazine, it is clear that parties on the beach or in the yard are on the menu and, in fact, most of the sales at the Gourmet Fusion store recently have been "grilling related".

This weekend on a buying trip I was looking for that could be given to the host or hostess of these great grilling parties and came up with some interesting finds. Here are a couple of items which would be great for a cat loving party giver. The picture shown at the top is Gourmet Fusion's Love Cats Mega Mug by Typhoon (we also have a mug for Chocoholic's as well) and these make great gifts instead of chocolates. They come in a fun gift box with all kinds of witty comments and hints, they are dishwasher and microwave safe and made in England from 100% fine porcelain.

If fun dining is on the menu, you might also think about our sleeping cat napkin rings that are practical as well as cute and would thrill any and probably raise a smile from any non-cat lovers in the family, as well!

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