Thursday, September 11, 2008

Zozo Beans & Mashuga Nuts at Gourmet Fusion

The fall season is almost here, and the summer items are starting to disappear from the Gourmet Fusion Store to make way for our fall collection. This week we introduced some exciting new and nut items from Torn Ranch into the Solana Beach store.

First are our Zozo Beans. These are rich Colombian coffee beans that have been dark roasted, then coated with premium dark, milk or white chocolate. Great to eat by themselves, or while sipping your cappuccino or espresso.

Then try a bag of Torn Ranch's famous Mashuga Nuts, named after the Yiddish word , meaning "crazy". These all natural sweet and savory pecans come in a fun, whimsical bag that really is crazy!

The history of these nuts is also unusual. Torn Ranch originated as a retail store located in Marin County that was renowned for its Jumbo Cashews. As a warm welcome, the owner would place a jumbo cashew in each of its customer's hands. So, if you are in our store in the Leaping Lotus, why not pick up a bag and share them with a friend or two and keep the tradition alive.

Torn Ranch's delicious gourmet foods are all natural Kosher dairy.

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