Monday, February 18, 2008

English Biscuits at Gourmet Fusion

As I am English, I often try to include some food items at the Gourmet Fusion store. Now I know many people think that English people have no idea about food, or how to prepare it, but that is simply not true. Admittedly, I have come across some really bad cooks, and poor restaurants in England, but just like America, England also has some of the most amazing cooks and finest restaurants in the world.

Baking has always been a tradition in England, and even today, "from scratch" baking is the norm, rather than the exception in most kitchens. Baking pies and cakes at home is very common, however, (cookies) are usually bought from the store in packets. So, when I added the Norfolk Manor biscuits to the store, I could not wait to try them. English biscuits are slightly different to American cookies in that they have a crunchier, lighter texture, and these were no exception.

The flavors we carry are Pure Butter Clotted Cream, and English Toffee and Brazil Nut Biscuits. They have a light, buttery, flavor not unlike a Scottish , but the texture is fare more airy, and they simply melt in your mouth.

Both are available online, and also at the Gourmet Fusion store in the Leaping Lotus, Solana Beach.

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