Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Crackers

If, like me, you have ever celebrated Christmas in England, you will know that Christmas crackers are an essential part of the holiday festivities. So, in great British tradition, we have included some in both our online and Solana Beach store.

What exactly are Christmas crackers? Apparently, they date back to Victorian Britain when a confectioner started selling sugared almonds, each with a motto and wrapped in a twisted paper package, as love tokens.

One day a jet of resin from the confectioner's log fire burst into flame with a loud crack. He decided to use this idea and make a log shaped package that would produce a surprise bang and inside would be an almond and a motto (not unlike a fortune cookie). This soon became a favorite at parties, and gradually toys and hats were added to each "cracker". By the end of the century it was well established as a traditional holiday custom and now each year many households in the UK have at least one box of party crackers to pull at meal times, parties and family gatherings over the holiday season.

In recent years, they have become ice breakers at all types of parties, dinner parties, weddings and celebrations. Why not try a box at this year's holiday get together - you will be surprised at how the donning of a paper hat can transform the most quiet person in the office to the talkative person you didn't know existed.

A selection of Christmas and Holiday crackers can be found at the the Gourmet Fusion store, and are great for Christmas, New Year, and any other holiday celebration. The English themed ones are especially fun, and include novelty gifts of a London bus, red telephone box, taxi cab, and many other great British institutions.

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