Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Deglingos at Gourmet Fusion

What are Deglingos and why are they at the Gourmet Fusion store? are a group of animals that each have their own quirky character and, they are fun and everyone loves them - kids, teens and adults. The Deglingos shown here is NoNos the Dog.

We have included them in the store firstly, because they are an international bunch - the brain child of French designers, and we love anything international. Secondly, the Gourmet Fusion store is about food, cooking, and your home to make life generally more enjoyable, so when we saw these cool characters, we knew we had to have them.

Forget the kids - you will want to keep these characters for yourself! They are made from soft, plush fabric, in funky colorful designs and they would make a great addition to any room. Leave them sitting casually on an ottoman, or leaning back on a cushion on the sofa - they are sure to become the talking point of any gathering. Choose your favorite character from BigBos the Wolf, Pikos the Hedgehog, Ratos the Rat, PoiloDos the Sheep, RonRonos the Cat or NoNos the Dog - of if you feel like making a scene in the living room, why not buy one of each?

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