Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Grill Friends at the Gourmet Fusion Store

The Gourmet Fusion Store now has a selection of barbecue tools and ceramics from the Grill Friends range of products by . All Elizabeth's designs and products are created to address situations she has encountered in 15 years of and outdoor entertaining and combine fun colors with functional designs. The Super Silicone Multi-Use Tongs shown here made from stainless steel and heat resistant black silicone and the black and silver design goes well with any dining style. We are also carrying the fabulous Everyday Silicone Basting Brush and Glow-in-the-Dark heat resistant thermometer.

Elizabeth has also produced a range of cool hand painted ceramics to go with your grilling activities. They come in two colors Summer and Flame. Summer is a combination of blues and greens to make you think of lazy summer days and blue skies, and Flame is a combination of oranges, yellows and reds and conjures up the flames and burning coals on the grill.

The "Anything Bowl" is great for serving up sauces, chips, candy and more, and the "Grilling Trilogy" has a striped tray with three indents to hold the co-ordinating dipping bowls to hold olive oil, sauce, salt and pepper while you barbecue or dine. The set comes complete with a natural bristle basting brush.

We have teamed them with our co-ordinating Egyptian Cotton Seafood Dish Towels for a great summer look!

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